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What we're about...

Marc the professor

We are passionate kiters that love kitesurfing and especially have become addicted to combine surfing and kiting to what we believe is the most rewarding aspect of using a kite - riding waves!
It also though is the most complex and elusive way of kiting, which is why we are committed to help you develop your riding skills so that you are able to experience the ultimate feeling of surfing waves with a kite by yourself.

Marc Ramseier has been kiting professionally for 13 years and has grown to be one of the top waveriders in the sport. He is leading the charge getting a program together that is able to take you, no matter what your level is, to experience some of the stoke of either trying something new or get better at what you already love.

Marc is building a team around himself which is helping to be able to offer our services on a higher level and on a much wider extent. Ultimately we aim at spreading the stoke about kitesurfing, the sport we love!!

We have programs for everybody, no matter whether you want to learn how to kite on a surfboard or if you're looking to find the key point why you're not able to throw that spray off the top of the wave.

What we offer..

Marc the coach

We have three different programs that we're offering at various destinations.

The SURF INITIATION CAMPS (SIC) are destined for total wave and surfboard novices. We will be bringing you quick and easy onto a surfboard, make sure you progress fast and help you expand yor kiting universe no matter where you want to go with a surfboard.

The PRO WAVE CLINICS (PWC) are built and setup to pass along everything you need to know and do to master riding waves with a kite. It's the most intense program that covers the most and deepest content and that follows up on it with daily video coaching and feedback.

Besides educating and committing to directly increase your level of riding during the wave clinics and camps, our goal is to also generally grow your comfort zones in the surf and to reduce possible sources of frustration and risks in the future.
Throughout the program we slowly build up all the background information and necesserary theoretical understanding that will create the foundation of your future waveriding skills.

We also offer COME ALONG PACKAGES for kiters to take advantage of the great combo deals we can offer. Additionally to joining a great group of people they will get a short intro into the spot and the local conditions, take advantage of safety setups where applicable and get included into the daily beach shuttles.
Please check availability and the combo deals within the respective camp or clinic information page.

What we cover.

Marc the teacher

Depending on which program you are following there will be a mix of the following subjects part of the content:

  • kite flying techniques
  • kite positioning
  • different wind angles
  • waveriding basics
  • riding with a surfboard
  • strapless riding
  • bottom turn techniques
  • top turn techniques
  • understanding waves
  • wave spots characteristics
  • wave positioning
  • reading waves and swells
  • priority rules and etiquette
  • understanding swells
  • how they are created
  • equipment
  • safety

Schedule for 2017...!!

venue content dates
CABOVERDE SIC / PWC 02 - 14 January 2017
PERU Pro Wave Clinic 05 - 16 Mai 2017
OMAN Pro Wave Clinic 17 - 26 June 2017
BALI Pro Wave Clinic 29 June - 06 Juli 2017
DENMARK (german only) 27 Aug - 10 Sept 2017
INDONESIA Pro Wave Clinic

30 Sept - 14 Oct 2017


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